Big Worth is an offshoot of one of the most prestigious South India's consumer durable company with a successful presence nationwide.

It's a first of its kind, unique platform that's conceptualised to reinvent the way people shop whilst giving them a chance to indulge in the products that lure them.

We at Big Worth, promise a seamless and gratifying experience by giving our customers 10x and more value over their shopping spends across five distinct categories- Apparel, Health & Beauty, Accessories, Consumer Durables, Food & Dining.

This is not enough. We at Big Worth have also pledged to give our customer an unbeatable offer every single day that is not available on any other platform.

From indulging in the products that have always lured you, to celebrating the evening immersed in fine dining with your perfect ones-its time to savour the handful of services available at your feet. Because now the benefits are all about cherishing the effortless and ultimate experiences.

Big Worth, Its totally worth it.